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Ancestors of the NEBTI: Protecting and Empowering the Afrakan Bloodlines 🎧 Full Audiobook

  • ⁣MaaXeru Tep’s fourth and final book is a masterpiece of information- focusing on many relative and important subjects, which include: The Cosmic and Environmental Origins of Afrakan Bloodlines; BaNtu and the Afrakan Languages of Nature, The Afrakan/ Saturnian Origins of Judaism; Saturnian-Yah Origins; Atum and the Cosmic Soul; The Dual Spirit of Rivers; The Original Tree of Life, Reptilian Blood Rituals, Capitalism and the Exploitation of Afraka; Conditions of Surrender; White Supremacy and the Formation of ‘Black’ Feminism; Voting, Reconstruction and Eugenics; Afrakan Bloodlines and the Atlantic Slave Invade; Diasporan Afrakan Bloodlines, and much, much more!

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