Be Careful What You Believe In: Anger, "Racism," & the Bible (Church Feb 26, '17)


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  • Sunday, February 26, Jesse tells the story of speaking to an angry crowd of high schoolers, and leads conversation about belief in the Bible and in anger.
    0:16 Man says Satan is always attacking, talked to his mother about his anger.
    3:13 What does it feel like to be a people pleaser? Inferior, not manly.
    5:50 Spoke to UCLA Bruin Republicans then to Junior State of America high schoolers. Story. (BEGINNING OF JSA STORY)
    8:00 We have video:
    8:20 I have proven there is no such thing as racism. Illusion.
    14:00 Liberals lie. It's impossible for them to tell the truth. They're children of the lie.
    15:20 If racism doesn't exist, why is there a need for Black Lives Matter? They're worse than the KKK.
    16:10 This woman put her hands on me. You're not allowed to touch me.
    19:05 This girl said, "I'm a racist." So you hate black people? So they might beat her up.
    20:05 This black guy confronted Jesse, "Do you need validation from a patriarchal figure?"
    21:55 Do you love your father? "Answer the question directly."
    22:35 The guy who tried to storm the stage cursed at me and gave me the finger (I felt like giving him, but it's wrong, so I didn't).
    23:55 The children of the truth are afraid to tell the truth to the children of the lie, don't know how to deal with reaction. (LAST PART OF JSA STORY)
    25:57 Do you believe in the Bible? Do you have anger? (BIBLE/ANGER beginning)
    31:22 Man and woman accuse Jesse of having anger because of thought of beating girl up and flipping boy off.
    33:18 If you have anger, you have no love. (Girl is Mormon.) More people say they believe in the Bible.
    40:00 Why do you believe the Bible is the word of God? Only believe in God. The Kingdom of Heaven is within.
    42:54 Woman says we will always battle anger till we die, it's part of life. But children are not born angry, but honest, forgiving.
    46:55 All angry people are looking for a feeling. There is no feeling to God. There's peace.
    49:35 John: If anyone says they're born again and still sins, they're a liar and the truth is not in them.
    51:07 Witness: Only have faith in God, no human being or outer source. Be careful what you believe in; it controls you. Be perfect. Be holy.
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