Stop Making Excuses for Hypocrisy, Anger, Pride & Worry (Church Mar 5, '17)


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  • Sunday, March 5th, 11am PT - Christians who are late are hypocrites and are being judged by the children of the lie. Jesus said, "Do not worry." Why not? Worry is pride. When asked if they are late, worry, or have anger, some say, "Not really... sometimes." Let your yes be yes, and your no, no: All other answers are lies — excuses. Paul said, I don't do what I want, but what I hate I do — it's sin living in me that does it. Of yourself you can do nothing. Get past it by having no opinion and recognizing you can do nothing. Prideful people have anger and opinions. Anger is the nature of Satan, but many believe their anger is for "justice" or is God's "righteous anger." But it brings them no peace. Know for yourself and live from the word of God in you, not from intellectual knowledge.
    0:15 God's words should come alive in you. Children of God not living it.
    1:41 Man who is late, but tries to tell others the "truth." Hypocrisy.
    4:46 Woman who is late. Children of the lie judge late Christians.
    6:33 Young man's "rough night" excuse. As a man, I should be on-time.
    8:46 Story of Jesse's friend who's late at new job. EXCERPT:
    10:05 People who are late look dirty, tired, lazy, don't care, bad impression.
    12:45 You can preach, but you are being judged. Be and live it.
    15:45 Live it and don't worry about intellectual arguments & judgment.
    17:40 I'm on-time for pleasures, late for obligations. John Wooden.
    19:53 There's life to being on-time. Be an example of God, not just quoting scriptures.
    21:15 Entrepreneurs have enthusiasm. Others lack character. Working the field. Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson.
    22:56 Person compulsively too early, but listens to family who's not. You learn more when early. Test being on-time.
    25:10 Pray and seek God early, not just with trouble. Forgetting God.
    28:55 Is sloth a sin?
    29:34 Biblical question: Jesus said, "Don't worry." Why?
    31:20 Get past words. Find the word in your heart. How do you know?
    33:25 Possible to be a son or daughter of God and worry? Do you worry? "No, not really. Sometimes.... Yes."
    35:16 We're edifying one another. I'm not your teacher. Relax.
    35:43 We think it's normal, but it's a lack of faith, not thinking straight. I worry as a mother. 1% worry.
    38:05 Foreigners who come from Armenia and learn to speak English.
    39:13 Worry is pride. God said don't worry. Seek first the kingdom of God. All angry people are prideful.
    41:25 Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Everything else is a lie. Excuses.
    43:51 I worry about my reaction to others' reaction, not circumstances.
    44:42 Anger is the nature of your father the devil. God is all love, all the time.
    45:57 Paul: The things I want to do I don't do, the things I don't want to do, I do. Of yourself you can do nothing. Examples: smoking & anger. Satan imitates.
    48:02 All prideful people have opinions about everything.
    49:28 If anger is the nature of Satan, what is God's anger? Discernment. No love in anger & hate.
    50:35 If I don't love my enemy, I don't love my son or family. You can't love one and hate the other.
    51:19 All angry people think they have "righteous anger." See if your anger is working for peace.
    52:09 Pray in the morning. God does not hold grudges.
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