TPP067 8 things we ve learnt from The Property Hub

  • Original link to the Property Hub is six months old! To mark its half-birthday – and to celebrate having brought 1,000 members into the fold so far – we thought we’d share some things that the experience has taught us so far.nnThe idea isn’t to bang on about why The Property Hub is great for half an hour – although we kind of did do that – but to pull out some lessons about effective property networking that we’ve learnt in the process.nnThose lessons are:nnThere’s no shortage of areas with strong fundamentalsnGetting exposure to people who are doing what you want to do helps you take actionnThe collective always knows better than the individualnThere’s a special magic to meeting in personnSharing your progress, and reading other peoples’, will help you go furthernYou get out what you put in: the best opportunities go to those who contribute the mostnIt’s nice to be nice (see episode 55 for more on this)nBuilding a network is easy, so there’s no excuse not to! Just share what you know and be helpfulnThere a lot more detail in the episode itself, so make sure you give it a listen!nnRESOURCE OF THE WEEKnWhen you’re interacting in an online community, you’ll normally have a photo next to your name. And like it or not, people will form judgements about you based on what that photo looks like.nnPhotofeeler is a site where other people can anonymously rate your profile photo along three dimensions: likeability, influence and competency. Find out for sure whether the photo you’re using is putting out the message you want it to – and if not, switch it up!nnRob D’s results were a mixed bag:nnPhotofeeler.comnGive it a try, and share your own results in the discussion for this episode!nnNEWS THIS WEEKnThe Guardian reports that property portal Zoopla went public this week, with the markets valuing it at £919 million.nnAlong with its bigger rival Rightmove, the portals provide a great experience for the end user – but their ever-increasing fees are unpopular with agents, who feel like they have them over a barrel. Will the forthcoming effort by the agents to shake things up break up this duopoly, or are they here to stay?nnTHIS WEEK’S MENTIONSnWe announced the official launch date of Yellow Lettings: we’ll be opening our doors on 7 August 2014!nnWe’ve been testing everything with a small number of (very patient) landlords so far, but from 7 August we’ll have all our staff and systems set up and will be starting to take on properties in larger numbers.nnSo if you’re interested in what Yellow Lettings can do for you, fill in your details ahead of that date and we’ll give you a call to tell you more.nnJOIN THE CONVERSATION!nHave you had any great results as a result of building your network in property?nnIs there anything you feel is holding you back from meeting more people and sharing your experiences?nnWe’d love to know, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!nnIF YOU ENJOYED THE PROPERTY PODCAST, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW ON ITUNESnReviews are really important in helping other people to find the show, so by way of thanks we read out every single review we receive.nnIf you’d like to hear your name on the show, leave us a review on iTunes here.nnNot sure how to do it? This video shows you how to review and subscribe.

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