How To Build Wealth Through Unity Kindle Edition

    How To Build Wealth Through Unity
    Join People Who Are Like-Minded
    Get people who are like-minded meaning people who have the
    same interests as you and want to achieve the same or similar goals as
    Create A Business Then Create Jobs
    Create a product or service that you and your group can do that you know very well.
    Make sure it is something you have an interest in If there is
    something that you would like to do, but you do not know how to start.
    My suggestion would be to study thoroughly before you begin.
    Think Of A Problem And Solve It
    Think of a product or service that you see can solve a
    the, or improve something in people’s lives.
    Find People You Can Build With Economically
    Finding people you can trust can be difficult but not impossible here is a few ideas.
    Create a project that is not expensive but 100% risk-free but builds trust.
    Get as many people that you know physically.
    Each member puts a dollar or more in one of your member's bank account, Paypal, or even support their business.
    Do this every day for a different member every day or however you
    decide to manage it.
    Everyone has to keep up with the program whoever falls out meaning
    missing a payment is automatically eliminated from the group.
    By doing so you can see who is dedicated to the group.
    You should give at least 1 month with no members being eliminated to
    show the group has some stability.
    Choose the maximum amount of members you want in the group and has the desired amount Of money circulating around, meaning that if you agree to put five dollars a day you are everyone would have been doing so for at least a month.
    This way you can start creating businesses together or supporting
    other businesses together.
    By creating rules in the group it makes it easier to manage, therefore the group can recruit people to join based on trust and knowing the person physically and they can afford the amount daily.
    Members will get paid by order of joining, meaning a list will be created
    with the first person that joins will be the first to get paid going down to the last member to join will be paid last.
    Members can bring other people in but a maximum amount per group
    should be implemented.
    Group members would be deciding on what businesses to open and what businesses to support.
    Start Selling Something
    When selling a product or service you feel can make a profit, It gives you an advantage when you sell something not a lot of people is selling.
    An example of that could be, opening up an online superstore selling a wide variety of products that are most wanted or hard to find.
    Create a website that solves a problem
    Websites that generate a lot of traffic can make you a lot of money if it
    solves a problem for a majority of people.
    So think of problems you
    find in the world and see how the internet can solve it through a
    website idea you create.
    Get Paid For Your Talents
    If you have a talent such as songwriting, Painting, Drawing, etc.
    Look at ways you can get paid for what you are good at or love doing.
    You can Create online groups, such as Podcasts were you bring on
    guests to discuss topics that interest you.
    Never Stop Learning
    Whatever you are passionate about don’t stop learning about it, The
    more you know the better you can improve on each product, service,
    talent or anything you have a self-interest in your day to day life.
    Look For Start Up Business To Support.
    Supporting start-up businesses is a great way to network, show
    support and also build the right attitude
    into attracting success your way.
    Final Conclusion
    Whatever your doing make sure it is something that makes you happy
    and does not feel like a job but fun.

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