Lifestyle Expert Rita Fuller-Yates hosts an amazing Arm Knitting Workshop

  • Follow long and laugh with Lifestyle Expert Rita Fuller-Yates!
    Lifestyle Expert, Rita Fuller-Yates shares great tips and tricks to a better life! Watch now and follow along as she takes us on an adventure to discover how to live a fuller more rewarding life. Her mission to "Bring Social Home Again!" reminds us to keep family traditions alive. As an Interior Designer turned Lifestyle Expert, Rita Fuller-Yates cares as much for the person in the chair as she does the Chair. Her videos teach us that it is ok to laugh at our differences and embrace who we are. As the owner of Ydecorate LLC. she regularly hosts Wine Dine and Create workshops to teach others to host and entertain in their homes. You can follow along at or attend one of her workshops by visiting
    Feel free to search the internet and follow as she hosts various news segments and writes articles for magazines worldwide. Prepare yourself to laugh and learn as you follow along!

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