Glenn Waco x Neka - Assata - Human

  • Director: Out Of Line Productions
    Co directors: Miss Lopez Media
    Grip Media
    Glenn Waco’s first single “Assata” from his 2nd offering “Human” is an ode to Tupac Shakur’s godmother & political refugee Assata Shakur. It is apart of Glenn Waco's campaign to raise awareness about the infamous case of the political refugee and push for clemency to be granted to her. Accompanied by fellow Portlander Neka over the dynamic production of Samarei, Glenn narrates the fall of The Black Panther Party and connects the struggle of two generations. "Assata" is available on all digital/streaming outlets including Tidal Apple Music & iTunes
    Assata Shakur Back story:
    May 2nd, 2016 marks the 43rd anniversary of Assata Shakur's arrest in New Jersey 1973. In the age of Cointelpro, under the command of J. Edgar Hoover, the CIA aimed to neutralize black nationalist groups and activists who challenged the American government. The reason for this in J. Edgar Hoover's own words was to stop the rise of a "black messiah". Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X & the Black Panther party of which Assata Shakur was apart of, were all targets of this program.
    Tupac Shakur's godmother, Assata Shakur, as many black revolutionaries before and after her, was falsely accused of crimes she did not commit. Ultimately Assata was shot in her back with her hands up, chained to her hospital bed, tortured and beaten by officers. When she was falsely charged with the murder of a New Jersey state trooper by an all white jury in a overtly racist county, she spent 2 years in solitary confinement in men's prisons of the 6 years she served before escaping to Cuba. 40 years later she is now at the top of the FBI's most wanted terrorist list in spite of her being acquitted of all her previous charges that were later revealed to have been trumped up charges carried out by the FBI's own COINTELPRO program.
    None of her convicted charges were terrorist acts. Forensic evidence revealed none of her fingerprints to be on any gun nor any arsenic residue anywhere on her. Medical records proved her to be physically incapable of lifting a gun due to where she had been shot. Officer Harper who had run away during the shootout admitted later that he lied in his testimony about ever seeing her with a gun.
    As relations improve with Cuba, the unjust bounty on Assata has been doubled. It is the responsibility of every human being in the fight for social justice against the political repression and historically documented racist policies of the United States to say #HandsOffAssata

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