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    The Home of the Black experience on the Information Highway, You can use Websharez in many ways, but since it's primarily a video & website social media network, options are to watch and share subscribers as well as many other peoples videos, plus check out some of the greatest Website platforms online or upload your own videos & websites to share with the world so others can stay-in-the-know on the Information Highway. websharez.com primarily will serve as a great source of information on Urban entrepreneurs from Health and Fitness to your local service providers. Share Your World with the World.
    WebSharezTV (WSTV) is an actual television network online; creating and producing our own original programming as well as broadcasting quality TV shows from independent filmmakers to producers in the television style format. Driving audiences from all over the world. For more information and to speak to a live agent call 678-390-0307
    Maintaining a free-to-view system continues to allow thousands of viewers per day to watch any of our channels because our system runs in a streaming television playback style as well as on Demand This allows 24 hour broadcasting of content, programs, and advertisements on our online digital broadcast network.
    The Media handlers group executive production staff have a progressive way of re-editing and delivering our content just like traditional television. Our programs run in 30 minutes to one-hour shows with advertisements and promotions included.
    The benefits of placing your videos, webisodes, visual presentation on WSTV,
    A producer or advertiser on the WebsharezTV system can aggregate a possibility of hundreds of thousands of viewers per month. This is simply because of our online streaming television-style channels which are broadcasting a variety content 24 hours a day. More than 50 percent of WebsharezTV viewers return, with many of them on a daily basis. Our channels are viewed in 192 countries with large audiences in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, U.K. & Russia.

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