Driving The Future. Alien Supercars That Will Drive U In 30 Years. Autos U Never Dream About

  • Cars. There was always something special, powerful and sexy about them. When I first showed videos from the future obtained by our chronosphere or time machine number one complain was: we want to see future cars and why in the future we can still see present day cars on streets. Well as you can see, today you can still meet 1960s cars on the streets. But everything changed for the past 50 years Dodge truck became different, cars and ships became very different as well. Very soon driving and accidents will be thing of the past. But now prepare you mind to be completely blown away as we progress from present day to the actual footages of cars of the far future that are beyond your wildest dreams. Let me tell you that something resembling a car will be on the streets only until 2040s, after 2040s everything moving will be known as Artificially Intelligent flying vehicle. We will have another show about them. But today you shall see jaw dropping future cars that you never imagined possible. Cars won't dramatically change overnight but 2020s we will see the last and the most expensive luxury sports car generations. We will see $20 million dollar cars with 1,000 horse powers. In mid 2020s virtually all new cars will be self driving and in 2030s cars with drivers will be banned in almost all countries. In late 2030s there won't be any cars on the roads as we know them today, they will be replaced by small and fast personal automatic transporters. The traffic will be thing of the past forever. And 2040s will see the last road vehicles since everything will be flying by then. Roads and highway become long parks for tress, birds and animals. Watch this video as cars become more and more alien vehicles and don't miss the other future videos on Kryan channel.

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