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Love Life Love Yourself I win We win

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Ramona Arrington

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Kathy Harrison

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Saah Karim

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LaShondra White (Miss La)

Hey! I'm Miss La, and I am about makeup and hair. I am Aveda trained and I continue to learn each day. Check out my channel for tips on makeup, hair, and life.

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Topsy Cole

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B and T Life Lane

Lifestyle and entertainment

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Just a Nubian Queen, reigning her glory through hair reviews and much more, in real time, with honest opinions. Sweet Curly Goddess

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Josie Taylor

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Candyce Israel

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Toya Monique

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Chedene Smith

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Obekiki Jana

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Senayet Mehary

Vlog for upcoming designers
when one rise we all rise
support your own

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Yvonne Roberts

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andre bueno

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Andre Bueno

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Json Healis

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