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  • Shea Butter Item 2 Pure Unrefined Raw
  • Pure Unrefined, Raw, Organic Shea Butter
    What is unrefined shea butter?
    Unrefined shea butter is so called because it has not been through the commercial refining process.
    Our shea butter is from Ghana and is the most raw shea butter that you can buy.
    It contains the highest concentrations of vitamins of all the grades of shea and is softer and more nourishing for your skin.
    We consider our shea to be much superior to the other varieties of shea, it is very hard to come by and we are very lucky to bring it to you! Some are put off by it's colour, however, you will be instantly won over by it's moisturising effects.
    Our shea butter is dark in colour, and it is naturally brittle in consistency.
    Shea butter is very good in soaps, lotions, lip balms, body butters and moisturisers.
    Our shea butter is 100% organic, unrefined, natural and pure, no added ingredients, preservatives or any other nasties!
    Why should you use shea butter?
    The benefits to your skin of using unrefined organic shea butter don't just stop at pure shea butter being a fantastic moisturiser.
    Shea butter contains high amounts of Vitamin A, which is important in improving a number of skin conditions such as blemishes, stretch marks, eczema and dermatitis.
    Pure organic Shea butter also contains Vitamin E, although the effect this has on the skin is less clear cut.
    Vitamin E has been described as having anti-aging, anti-free radical agent and having a positive effect on microcirculation within the skin.
    It is not entirely proven what affect the Vitamin E in shea butter has on the skin, but it could include these.
    Why you shouldn't buy other shea butters:
    Only high quality pure and organic shea butter can provide the benefits mentioned above.
    Shea butter that has aged or lost it's natural integrity will only be an effective moisturiser, and have none of the natural health benefits; this is why we sell unrefined pure organic shea butter, so it has the highest possible amount of nutrients within it.
    Some of the shea butter on sale can be about 2 years old before it even reaches you! Our shea butter is guaranteed less than 9 months from the time it was harvested.
    For example, one of the important constituents in shea butter is cinnamic acid, but as shea butter ages, is refined or loses it's natural integrity the amount of cinnamic acid decreases, which has been shown to correlate with a decrease in shea butter's natural healing qualities.
    How should I store my shea butter?
    Pure Organic Shea butter will last about 12 months, and it is best to keep it somewhere cool, dry and sealed.
    Prolonged exposure to sunlight will degrade it over time, and if you plan to keep your shea butter in the bathroom for long periods of time it may be wise to add a natural antibacterial to it.
    Avoid melting the butter repeatedly or at a very high temperature as this will break down the good fats that make this shea butter so fantastic.
    Pure organic shea butter is a superior moisturiser compared to mango butter and cocoa butter, with more natural skin benefits.
    It is softer than cocoa butter; shea butter is more comparable to mango butter in it's consistency.
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