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    Your home is the ultimate canvas for self-expression. From the lighting fixtures to wall color items in your home should reflect who you are, spark memories of past adventures, inspire new ones and be the ultimate statement of your style.
    Instead we often settle for decor with little self relevance or imagination. Cookie cutter decor void of visual aesthetics and most importantly void of you. You are vibrant and worldly. You make a statement in all areas of your life; your home should make a statement as well.
    Now it can.
    I’m Anitra Terrell and I design decor for culturally inspired people who love unique, colorful pieces reflektive of who they are. Using a curated approach to sourcing textiles and a discerning eye for pattern I offer products that help you to create a home that feels amazingly bold and culturally expressive.
    Say goodbye to humdrum decor and hello to decor that sparks conversations and makes you smile every time you walk into your space.
    My product line includes throw pillows, floor/meditation pillows, handwoven baskets and accessories. We specifically chose Ankara fabric (also known as African Dutch Wax fabric) as the foundation textile for our brand because of its vibrancy, history and cultural significance dating back to the 17th century.
    Fabrics are ethically sourced from around the world, products made in Los Angeles, California.
    Our mantra is Your home, your style reflekted.
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