The Number Six Person

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  • The Number Six Person numerology dating
  • The Number Six Person

    Born on the 6th, 15th or 24th, of any month, you are a number 6 Person.

    This also includes those under the signs of Tau


    The Number Six Person

    Born on the 6th, 15th or 24th, of any month, you are a number 6 Person.

    This also includes those under the signs of Taurus or Libra.
    If you are a number 6 and your mate is a number 1

    This is not what you would call the greatest relation in the world; unless you’re both professors and lawyers! Only kidding! You both have strong personalities.

    You both can be set in your ways once your minds are made up.

    You both also have a way of advising others.

    On the other side of the coin however, your emotional temperament would eventually clash with their stoic ways of expressions.

    They can be selfish, where you want to share.

    They can be self-center and vain; whereas you like to give credit to family and their support.

    So eventually, there’ll be a clash.

    This relationship will need working on, and speaking of the sexual side, that too! You haven’t any months in common.

    The love scale would be lucky if this one levels off between 2 and 3.

    If you are a number 6 and your mate is a number 2
    Here, you have a numerical mate that you could really settle down with; if you’re both serious enough.

    Numerically speaking, it’s about as perfect as you can get.

    Both of you are loving, loyal and lighthearted.

    You both make friends easily and seem to have all the social graces when out at any event.

    If you’re the jealous type, it may rub you since they gets along better with members of the opposite sex in general.

    However on the plus side, if you have their heart, you have their heart! They will love, respect and honor you.

    Sexually, you two intertwine sensitivity, tenderness, and a special touch taking you both to levels of ecstasy.

    May, July and October are especially important.

    The love scale measures this up there from 7 to 10.

    If you are a number 6 and your mate is a number 3
    Creatively and artistically, this would be one of the best matchmaking around.

    You both share a common love of beauty and creativity.

    You have ways of expressing yourselves that’s enjoyable; entertaining and engaging.

    You’re both popular in your respective circles, even having friends in common among them.

    When sharing a home together, you’d both expect it to be esthetically pleasing to the eyes with rich colors, music and artistic surroundings.

    You two would make an excellent support system for each other, giving encouragement.

    In the sex arena, you both display physical taste, talent and tenderness.

    March, May, October and December are when you’re at your best.

    The love stones placed on this scale range between 6 and 9.

    If you are a number 6 and your mate is a number 4
    If you were to ever have a problem of a serious nature in a relationship; this one is it! Actually, you need to avoid each other like the flu; it’s that serious.

    You could wind up seriously and emotionally sick.

    You both attract each other initially.

    You’re botobjective, somewhat conservative, and stingy; and are usually slow in taking your time.

    After this however, there is a serious parting of the ways.

    Where you’re normally emotional and expressive, your number 4 mate will be just the opposite, almost detached; unconcerned.

    This doesn’t sit well with you.

    Sexually, you may have moments of hits and misses, with misses piling up faster.

    You also share no months in common.

    On the love scale, it’ll be lucky if it hits the mark.

    If you are a number 6 and your mate is a number 5
    Here, your birth numbers are very friendly together.

    You, an outdoor and social person finds it easy to be attracted to this 5 mate because of their similar lifestyle.

    They like to be on the go.

    They seem to know a lot of people and like to do a variety of things.

    And, you both seem to naturally flow with each other.

    However, there are times when you like to cline close to home.

    Your 5 mate on the other hand, finds it hard to sit around.

    So, what’s the secret to keeping them? Let them go! It may sound like a contradiction, but there’s wisdom in it.

    In your sexual intimacy, there is also nothing lacking.

    Their on it! Commonly, May, June, September and October are your months of pleasure.

    Placed on the scale of love, this evens out between a 7 and 10.

    If you are a number 6 and your mate is a number 6
    With your birth numbers the same this would explain the instant attraction as a couple.

    When talking to each other, there is almost affinity you have.

    You may even ask, “Is this my soul mate?” You both have a love of learning, a respect for education, and similarity in careers related to health or service.

    As a cosmic couple, you and your 6 mate are cut from the same cloth.

    You both have high expectations of each other and as a family, would be one of the best role models around.

    You both on the other hand, can be demanding, setting “higher standard” on each other, not allowing for weaknesses.

    But hey! This is an imperfect world.

    When sexually in synch, it’s passionate, sensual and down right erotic.

    May, July and October are your best months.

    The love meter put a 6 to 9 on this scale.

    If you are a number 6 and your mate is a number 7
    This is a case where you and your mate are at “odds”.

    Odd, not so much in a negative way, but odd in the sense your style of doing things is like night and day.

    For instance, your persona easily mixes with others.

    Your 7 interest however is reserved at these things, sometimes awkward.

    However, as you get to know each other, there is a deeper respect that develops.

    You must understand however, your 7 is basically a private person and may not be home-bodied in the way you expect.

    You have to make the choice! This also includes bedroom situations as well.

    The months you share are March, May and July.

    Scale wise, the love handle on this is around 4 to 7.

    If you are a number 6 and your mate is a number 8
    Strong and special bonds, develop from this blend of birth numbers when you two meet as a couple.

    In temperament, personality, interests, even on the astrological and numerical plane, you tend to compliment each other well.

    Both of you by nature are steadfast, and dedicated to the one you love.

    Both of you share a sense of purpose in the long term, such as owning a home or a business.

    Financially, this relationship would rank about the highest on the money charts.

    You both seem to attract assistance and money whenever needed.

    And sexually when you guys get together! It’s on the money! Place the love chips on this table from 7 to 10.

    If you are a number 6 and your mate is a number 9
    This is an attractive set of birth numbers that symbolizes both love and war when in each other’s company.

    You, the 6, on the side of love; and your 9 mate, on the side of war are interesting to see.

    Is this part of the attraction? Perhaps it’s because you both have artistic or musical talents to some degree.

    In its own mystical and mysterious way, there is a canceling out of these opposing energies when together.

    To keep this mate, encourage them to see the world, even if you have to bite your bottom lip.

    It’ll certainly pay off.

    And so will your sex life; heavy, hot and horny.

    April, May, October and November are your outstanding months.

    On the scale of love and war, this aims between a 6 and 9.

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