The Number Five Person

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  • The Number Five Person
    Born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd, of any month, you are a number 5 person.

    This also includes those under the signs of Gemini or Vi


    The Number Five Person
    Born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd, of any month, you are a number 5 person.

    This also includes those under the signs of Gemini or Virgo.
    If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 1
    In the world of Numerology, number 5 is described as the “sex number”, among other things.

    And because of this “sex-attraction”, you never have a problem having finding a mate.

    In the case of your number 1 mate, he likes what he sees right away, and just have to have you.

    Of course it’s flattering, but he can be jealous, demanding.

    The key is set the record straight right away that you have “friends”, and will continue to have them if you choose.

    Then, he wins your respect.

    You both like doing things new and share a love of travel.

    When you and your 1 mate get busy in bed, there’s an excitement that demands an encore performance.

    The months you share are February, April, June, and August.

    The love scale rating of attraction is between 6 and 9

    If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 2
    The fact that you both are adaptable is the glue that could make this relationship work.

    You both adjust to changing conditions easily and are not thrown off as a result.

    You both understand human nature and what it takes to make a relationship.

    However, number 5, you don’t have much patience when it comes to waiting; where your number 2 mate usually have the patience of JOB.

    So, after awhile, you may grow impatient with their slow, deliberate and detail ways.

    And don’t start asking you a lot of questions about your comings and goings either.

    You’ll show them the door.

    On the sex tip you mix well, since they don’t have a problem helping you get to where you want to be (smile).

    May and October work well for you.

    This love scale simmers between 4 and 7.

    If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 3
    There seems to be a natural chemistry between the two of you right away when eyes first meet.

    There’s an excitement; an energy that gets the juices flowing almost from the start.

    When you come together, there is a commonality of knowing people, coming places, and a youthful spirit.

    You both like to be out, whether it’s all day or all night.

    What a partner to have! But as you begin to notice, you both can be impatience or short-tempered.

    This is when you have problems that could eventually overload the relationship and blow a fuse.

    But while it lasts, you could be in for one of the best times of your life; and that includes sexual expressions.

    May and October are best for you both.

    Adjust the love scale from 5 to 8 on this one.

    If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 4
    Your generally outgoing and sunny disposition is in stark contrast to the style of the number 4 mate, yet both of you click if you get in each other’s way long enough.

    It’s not an immediate attraction that’s for sure.

    The attraction comes about slowly, especially on their part.

    However, you already know if you’re interested or not.

    Besides, you basically attract relationships younger than you anyway.

    You may at times find them slow to move on things, since you like getting things done right away.

    Because they like to be different, and you find sex an exciting adventure, without question, you’re off the races with this person of interest.

    You both share February, June, August and September together.

    Love wise, this one hovers between 5 and 9.

    If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 5
    The both of you together would make an attractive, youthful and vibrant couple.

    You seem to have much in common, and you do.

    The number 5 rule the world of communications, business, travel, which is how you two may have met.

    You like the literary world and things informational.

    You like the excitement; and as a twosome taking risks, you would excel.

    Another side of this relationship is an inner understanding of each other’s personal space.

    However, be careful of picking up bad habits, such as excessive drinking, drug, and the like.

    When the night simmers down, the sexual healing heat up! May, June, September and October are your best months.

    The Sun shines a 6 and 9 on this love scale.

    If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 6
    The mix of your number 5 and your number 6 selection, produces an uncommon beauty in a relationship.

    Together, you’re great to look at and great to be with.

    Together, you have this grace that would do justice to any party or social event.

    Your 6 mate is the one to have around when you want to look good and show off.

    There’s also a natural respect for each other’s friends and associates, especially the opposite sex.

    On the down side, since you, number 5 are a combination of brains and beauty your 6 mate could show signs jealousy and control issues.

    Nip this in the bud rip away.

    Sexually together, by the way, is like an erotic, enchanted evening.

    May, June, September and October are your love months.

    The enchanted scales rate this lovesome 7 to 10.

    If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 7
    What’s likely to bring you two together is a common love of knowledge, nature and information.

    If invited to each other’s home; books, newspapers and other reading material are lying around, everywhere.

    You both also share a love of travel, and a common curiosity that always want to know, and why.

    You have a similar intellect that’s refreshing for a change.

    After the sex, there’s a much bigger world to talk about.

    You also share a love of privacy and space, which is so important to the both of you.

    If you want to see your number 7 work up a sweat, invite them into the bedroom for push-ups.

    You won’t have a problem getting this mate into your gym, believe it! May, July and September are the months in common.

    The scale on this love match, bench-press between a 5 and 8.

    If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 8
    As a rule, the number 8 is considered one of your opposition numbers.

    Not that you two can’t getalong! But it’ll take some getting use to if you want this relationship to work.

    For instance, you aren’t afraid to spend; lavishly.

    After all, life is short, and who knows! However, your mate would be the kind that likes saving for a rainy day.

    Actually, in that sense you can balance each other out.

    You are a free spirit.

    You are the kind of person that likes spice and variety in your life.

    Your 8 mate would prefer to be reserved, practical and slow in warming up to things.

    Even in the bedroom there’ll eventually be a pull and tug as which way to go.

    Like the bedroom, sexually, you have no months in common to speak of.

    A pull on 3, and tug on 5, would be about right on this scale.

    If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 9
    This is an excellent combination if you and your choice of a mate are the outdoor type.

    You’ll find your number 9 mate daring and adventurous.

    You both have a common love of travel, going places near and far.

    Both of you like to get to the heart of a matter, since patience is neither one of your strong points.

    You both like exciting and stimulating things, especially if there’s an element of risk.

    You’re not afraid to take chances together.

    On the down side, if you slip into negative lifestyles, you need to ask yourself what stop you get off.

    Let them keep going.

    Sexually, you’ll be on the phone talking for days about this one.

    February, April, June, and August are the months you fire things up.

    The going rate on this love scale is 5 to 9.

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