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  • The Number Three Person dating numerology

  • The Number Three Person
    Born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th, of any month, you are a number 3 Person.

    This also includes


    The Number Three Person
    Born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th, of any month, you are a number 3 Person.

    This also includes those under the signs of Sagittarius or Pisces.

    If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 1
    When a number 3 and number 1 one get together, some interesting things develop; like sparks.

    Your birth number as well as theirs is outgoing and personable.

    You both like taking the lead but in different ways.

    Others approach you with a proposition, where the number 1 mate likes to take it.

    Since you both like to be in charge, respect is first and foremost.

    You like to flirt and they like to show off.

    What a combination! If your number 1 mate has no ambition, they can forget about you.

    You’re not having that, no way.

    Sexually, the sensual cells are highly charged when you finally plug-in together.

    February, April, August and December top the months.

    On the love scale between 6 and 9 gets this one going.

    If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 2
    Here is a situation where they may wind up your love-slave in the relationship if they’re not careful.

    Your number 2 mate is attentive; notices the little things, and sensitive to your wants and desires.

    Since you naturally love attention anyway, hey! Your charming and creative ways are likely to mesmerize them.

    Like weaving a spell! Socially, you both make the rounds, and make friends easily.

    This explains the popularity.

    Because you both, in Numerology, come under the emotional plane; this aspect of your sexual intimacy should leave nothing wanting.

    As a number 3, you can flaunt it, and give direction what the number 2 needs to do.

    March, May, July, October and December are generally favorable.

    Love scale odds says!.


    .5 to 8.

    If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 3
    This combination is almost like a contradiction in terms; so much is the mirror reflection you both share.

    The irony is it’s a situation where too much of a good thing, can be just as bad as none.

    All depends.

    The glue between you two however is the natural work ethics you share.

    Your 3, in Numerology, is considered the “workaholic”; usually working two, even 3 (there’s that number again) jobs.

    Together, you’d be party animals, going to functions that open up doors and making contacts.

    When you two begin to sexually connect, you may find yourselves trying to outdo one another.

    It’s probably interesting to see.

    When stirring up the pot, March, April, August and December are the times to do so.

    The scale of love gets the juices going between 6 and 9.

    If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 4
    If you decide to pursue the number 4 as a mate, there’s more you need to know.

    Firstly, your numerical energies are expressed differently.

    In Numerology, this is considered one of your stress numbers.

    For instance, your 3 nature is usually positive, upbeat and expressive.

    The 4, on the other hand, can be moody, reserved; with a desire to be alone.

    They’re likely to be younger than you, and totally opposite what you usually select in a mate.

    So if you find over time you’re going out to events by yourself, can’t say you didn’t read it here first.

    You go figure! When in those moments of sexual exchange, there can be surprising results.

    However, over the long term, who knows.

    You basically have no months in common.

    If asked on the scale of love, the odds? Not all that good!

    If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 5
    Upon first meeting, you may ask the question, “Where have you been all my life”! You seem to click so well, so quickly.

    Initially, in the beginning, that’s true.

    You’re both popular and well liked.

    This is why you two are always bumping into someone, somewhere; somehow.

    You both are expressive and equally articulate.

    And, you’re both youthful in appearance, personality, and attitude.

    And sexually, you both rock the house.

    What energy! On the down side however, you both suffer with nerves.

    Yours’ is more emotional; your 5 mate, more mental.

    It’s like over loading the circuits or nervous system in the relationship, causing eventual friction, leading to sparks.

    May, June, October and December stand out.

    This one generates between 4 and 7 on the love scale.

    If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 6
    This coming together of your birth numbers should bring out the most esthetic, colorful and creative side of your personalities.

    You both like the finer things in life and have an appreciation for all things that are beautiful, balanced and bright.

    You’ll notice an ease with the way you get along with one another and usually don’t have to guess work the relationship.

    Even in those private moments, there is a simpatico, or similarity about the way you two get into the sexual mix together.

    Because the number 6 mate likes to control (depending upon their zodiac sign) from time to time, you may have a problem with this.

    The months you share are March, May, October and December.

    The scale of love affectionately gives this between 6 and 9.

    If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 7
    When the both of you join together, there is always something to learn on both sides of the relationship.

    You, with your outgoing and personable ways, can bring the number 7 mate out of their shell.

    Believe it or not, they’re usually shy, with a bark, bigger than their bite.

    Your 7 potential, on the other hand, brings knowledge, information and unique ideas into your world.

    Actually, you’re very good for them, and vice versa.

    However, where you can be flamboyant and sociable; they would prefer to stick close to home with something to read.

    Perhaps the most surprising part about this relationship is sex.

    When you get into it, it’s all good.

    The months of March, May and July tops the list.

    The love scale, surprisingly list this one between 5 and 8.

    If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 8
    This is the kind of relationship where a lot of money can be made, in addition to a deep emotional relationship.

    The two of you are also actually good for each other.

    In one sense, you add the sparkle and pizzazz, bringing out the creative and positive aspects.

    Your mate selection, on the other hand, adds stability and practically to the relationship, making you grounded and down to earth.

    When the doors are closed and the lights are low, you, number 3 will get the fireworks going.

    Where they appear to be laid back sexually in the beginning, you’ll quickly change that equation.

    The months you share together are January, March, May, October and December.

    The range on the love scale is rock solid between 6 and 9.

    If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 9
    According to the numbers, as well as the elements, your birth numbers are practically made for each other.

    That’s because you tend to share a lot in common, such as artistic abilities, as well as the ability to easily get along with others, regardless of what part of the world they come from.

    The both of you generate excitement, and as a team, would be very hard to conquer, much less discourage.

    If both of you make an effort, which won’t take much, to cement this relationships, you shouldn’t have any regrets at all.

    When the two of you get together sexually, it’s like the Fourth of July.

    March, April, November and December are the months you share.

    According to the love scale, between 6 and 10, is about right.

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