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  • Lloyd Strayhorn’s Numerical Relationships in Dating

    Did you know that not only the signs of the zodiac are attracted to each others, but so


    Lloyd Strayhorn’s Numerical Relationships in Dating

    Did you know that not only the signs of the zodiac are attracted to each others, but so are numbers?

    This is why time honored tradition and observation have found that certain signs in the zodiac seem to be more harmonious with one than another.

    For example, in astrology there are signs very compatible to the other, especially signs that are ruled by the same elements of nature, such as the air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

    Then, there are the opposition signs.

    Opposition signs have a completely different way of thinking and acting from the other.

    Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “opposites attract”.

    While it may be true in some cases, as a rule a love-hate relationship can develop.

    Well, the rule applies to numbers as well.

    How does it work! Let’s say for instance you happened to be born on the 16th of the month.

    In numerology you are considered a number 7 person (1+6=7).

    Then, let’s say the other person of interest is born on the 6th of the month.

    Therefore this potential choice of a mate would be considered a number 6 person.

    To learn the potential harmony or disharmony between you and your possible mate, numerically speaking that is, go to your number in this chapter and see how you compare with theirs.

    Keep in mind the following descriptions are strictly between the numbers.

    However, it also depends under what zodiac sign you were born.

    It’s this combination of both your zodiac sign and the number you or your mate carry that makes for an endless combination.

    The Number One Person
    Born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any month, you are a number 1 person.

    This also includes those under the sign of Leo.

    Click on you and your mate number below to find out how compatible you are.

    If you are a number 1, and your mate is a number 1 With this set of birth numbers, you’ll more than meet your match that’s for sure.

    You like to be in total control, and so does your mate.

    That’s because you’re both strong willed individuals.

    So, it’s refreshing for a change to find someone not afraid to stand toe to toe with you, be it business or pleasure.

    You both are known to be direct and to the point with each other; and when it comes to bedroom antics, that’s the least of your worries since you’re not afraid to tell each other how you wish to be pleased.

    Look for the months of February, April, and August to be significant and beneficial as a rule.

    On the scale of love, this one rates a strong 8 to 10.

    If you are a number 1, and your mate is a number 2 This is an ideal combination from the standpoint your mate know who’s the boss right away! As if they haven’t figured that out already! Interestingly enough your nature according to the numbers actually compliments each other.

    Because the number 2 mates seems receptive and attentive to your needs and desires; there are a few areas they can improve on as far as you’re concern.

    That’s only because you like to have things your way.

    There will be times after the initial novelty wears off, you’d wish your 2 mate were stronger and take a stand sexually.

    Even better, be more forceful; take it! The months you share together are February, July and August.

    Romantically, this relationship rates between 5 and 7.

    If you are a number 1, and your mate is a number 3 Since the both of you tend to be work alcoholics by numerical nature, you would be able to understand each others’ busy life-styles which is usually away from the home.

    You’re likely to find however, your number 3 mate, often introduces you by both name and title to their friends.

    You both share an air of youthfulness and a positive approach to life regardless of the challenge.

    As a couple together, you’ll heat up the place once you finally get the chance to relax and loosen up; much to your physical satisfaction.

    March, April, August and December, as a rule, are your best months.

    The scale on this busy one rates an 8 to 10.

    If you are a number 1, and your mate is a number 4
    According to the laws of numbers, there is a strong affinity between the both of you.

    In many ways you compliment each other.

    In fact, you once shared a common planet known as the Sun.

    As a number 1 your energy is longer and stronger.

    Your mates’ is shorter and cooler.

    However, you both bring light and energy into the relationship; you take the lead and they find you most fascinating.

    When the doors are closed, you may be in for an interesting surprise not seen initially on the surface.

    Get it! The months you both romantically share are February, April, and August.

    Love scale vibes between 5 and 8.

    If you are a number 1, and your mate is a number 5
    Excitement and adventure awaits the both of you when you come together.

    You’re both fiercely independent; self-reliant and have a need for personal space.

    When dealing with a number 5 mate, it’s best not to ask too many questions about their comings and goings.

    Feeling restricted, they’ll fly away.

    Because of the energy between the both of you and your cosmic chemistry you’re not afraid to express yourself in the most interesting of places, at any time.

    It doesn’t take long to get in to it.

    February, April, June, August and October are what you have in common.

    Love scale tiles adventure between a 7 and 10.

    If you are a number 1 and your mate is a number 6
    This is a situation where control issues may eventually become a problem if not caught early on in the relationship.

    In a sense, you both have the style and flair that initially draw you together.However, in the long term; when up-close-in-your face reality sets in, that’s another story.

    You, for example, dictate your own terms.

    Your mate would like to dictate terms they expect at home and personal expectations.

    But you don’t like holding hands all day.

    You like action, and plenty of it, be it in business or in the bedroom.

    The reality check on this is you don’t share any months in common.

    This one rates around 3 and 6.

    If you are a number 1, and your mate is a number 7
    In a sense you can become very involved in the beginning.

    But you’d have to have some of your mates’ spiritual or metaphysical components if you want to get deeper into the relationship.

    You like to take charge, for example, and get right to the point.

    Your mate would prefer deeper analysis and reflection of a matter before taking action.

    Sexually, your mate is more exciting than they appears, especially when the lights are low.

    Although you don’t have many months in common, look to February and July to stand out.

    The cosmic tilt on this one is between 4 and 7.

    If you are a number 1, and your mate is a number 8
    Here, we have a combination where the business side of the relationship, actually becomes stronger than the emotional side over a period of time.

    Both numbers, found on the “mental” plane in Numerology, are excellent for any enterprises you want to meet with success.

    You both can appear equally “cold” outwardly, but this isn’t true.

    You’re just objective and observant.

    Once you get home, talk about the day, then get into a sexual groove, somebody had better be ready.

    Although there is an affinity, you don’t have months in common.

    Love scales hovers between 5 and 8.

    If you are a number 1 and your mate is a number 9
    This is usually a set of numbers that click right away.

    It’s like the beginning (that’s you) and the end (that’s them).

    You like their brashness, bravado, and daring (even if it’s faked later on) right away; and added to the fact you both like being in charge.

    It’s like two bosses trying to boss each other around.

    But, there’s usually a healthy respect for each other, and when it gets deep down and intimate, you’ll raise the kind of sweat worthy of your physical appetites.

    April, August and December are the months you share.

    Love wise, set it off from 8 to 10.

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