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  • Mama Luna Health Yoni steaming

    It’s time to rediscover your feminine power, your health and learn to love yourself again.

    It’s time to rediscover your feminine power, your health and learn to love yourself again.

    When modern life gets too much, sometimes we need to look back to our roots to find balance again.

    Are you ready to reconnect, to cleanse, and heal using the powers of nature? The ancient practice of Yoni steaming is here.

    This isn’t a fad or an extravagant spa treatment.

    It’s a time-tested healing experience that helps you to relax and get back to yourself.

    It’s a chance for women to rediscover the balance within and give our wombs the love and care that befits the beautiful, sacred source of our femininity.

    Yoni steaming is also about giving women the chance to take back control of our personal health.

    By using carefully selected botanical infusions, we can use the gifts of the earth to support and nourish our wombs.

    Every time you sit on the Mama Luna throne and feel reinvigorated by the healing power of nature, you’ll be experiencing the wisdom of generations of women.

    The Mama Luna Yoni steam chair is handmade and lovingly crafted by one sister for another.

    Covered with beautiful African fabric and a soft, cushioned seat, this is the perfect accompaniment to your existing womb healing or the start of a new journey.

    It’s compact, comfortable and easy to clean.

    Queens, it’s time to reclaim your throne.

    Benefits of steaming

    Steaming is something that we at Mama Luna believe every woman, regardless of race, religion, political views, sexual orientation and social standing should try.

    And here's why

    Reduced cramps and period pains
    Reduced duration of menstrual cycle
    Lighter periods
    Gets rid of dead blood cells and tissue
    Delivers fresh blood and oxygen to the womb area
    Reduces dryness and itching
    Breaks down cysts and fibroids
    Proven to help with endometriosis
    An excellent enhancement to your relaxation ritual


    Ancient and Western medicine, theories and practice do not often meet up.

    Although there are countless success stories from our fellow Sisters who have used the power of Nature to heal, modern medicine does not wholly approve of steaming.

    We do not recommend that you do this if

    You are or think you may be pregnant
    Have an IUD/Coil
    You have bacterial vaginosis, eczema or a similar condition
    You are on your period - 2/3 days before and/or after is fine
    Have an untreated womb/vagina condition - if you are unsure then please seek the advice of your GP/doctor

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