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5 months ago

  • Amesika Apparel & Fashion jewelry accessories
    Make a statement without words and shine like royalty. Audaciously elegant, ready to wear or custom jewelry and accessories. Amesika = Human gold.
    While reflecting and compliment your beauty and unique style, each unique creation is carefully handcrafted with love and the intention to help attract and generate positive energy!
    My name is Amesika Beckley.
    My journey began in 1999 when some of my favorite jewelry broke and my attempt to fix it failed. I told myself that if I can't fix it the way it was, I could most definitely recreate it in a new way and so I did! While working as a florist at the time I received so many compliments that I decided to make more jewelry with collected recycled parts then started adding new materials. The complements kept coming so I decided to transform my love of jewelry making into a business and I am still loving it to this day!
    Amesika also does interior design, decoration, floral arrangements, event coordination and planning.
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