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  • Multiple Choice Quiz

    Quiz 1

    1. What year was martin Luther king jr born?
      (A) 1928 (B) 1929 (C) 1930

    2. What year was John Henrik Clarke born?
      (A) 1915 (B) 1916 (C) 1917

    3. What year was Yosef Ben-Jochannan born?
      (A) 1917 (B) 1918 (C) 1919

    4. What year was Marcus Garvey born? 
      (A) 1885 (B) 1886 (C) 1887

    5. What year was Booker T. Washington born?
      (A) 1856 (B) 1857 (C...
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    The benefits of placing your videos on WebSharez TV, unlike YouTube and FaceBook, are aggregators, mash-ups, and user-generated video gateways. WebSharez TV is an actual television network online; creating and producing its own original programming as well as broadcasting quality TV shows from independent filmmakers to producers.

    A producer or advertiser on the WebSharez TV system can aggregate a possibility of thousands of viewers per month. This is simply because of our online streaming television-style channels which a...

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    Websharez.com Sharing your world with the world on the Information Highway, You can ...